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Introducing you to the word emporiophobia

Written by | Sunday 8 December 2013

Via Don Boudreaux we get this wonderful economics paper, Emporiophobia:

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In what crazed universe are used cars more valuable than new?

Written by | Saturday 7 December 2013

No, I don't mean where is an 80 year old Jaguar worth more than a new Lada, rather, how badly do you have to have screwed up an economy so that the average, normal, used car is more valuable than one on the lot, never been used?

However much it is Venezuela has managed that rare achievement:

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Err, yes, that's why we use markets

Written by | Friday 6 December 2013

Via Left Outside we get this from the Brad Delong:

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There really is a Laffer Curve you know

Written by | Thursday 5 December 2013

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There is no great stagnation

Written by | Wednesday 4 December 2013

Given my advancing age and the near certainty that I'll have some form or amount of prostate cancer before I shuffle off this mortal coil, for almost all men do, I'm rather glad to see this little piece of technology. It's a robotic arse, doctors for the training of.

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On that German legalisation of prostitution thing

Written by | Tuesday 3 December 2013

A ouzzling little thought prompted by this piece which is describing the campaign to make prostitution illegal again in Germany:

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Yet more nonsense about corporation tax

Written by | Sunday 1 December 2013

Yesterday I was muttering about how the lies being told about corporation tax were bending the minds of even respectable establishment figures. Today I find that we've a similar problem whereby we've some deeply uninformed commentary on the tax paid or not paid by Thames Water.

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Should it be a crime for a business to make a loss?

Written by | Saturday 30 November 2013

This is an interesting little example of the pernicious effects of the lies that are told in certain forms of campaigning. We've a proposal that there should be something called a corporate ASBO. Sure, it's a personal suggestion but it is also from the head of the Howard League for Penal Reform.

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