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No, no, I'm afraid this isn't quite how it works

Written by | Saturday 2 November 2013

A very badly aimed piece of snark in the Telegraph's city gossip column:


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Maybe Marx was right, just a little bit

Written by | Friday 1 November 2013

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Err, yes, this is how capitalism works

Written by | Thursday 31 October 2013

I find myself distinctly confused to read this in the newspaper:

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If you start from the wrong place then you're never going to get to your desired destination

Written by | Wednesday 30 October 2013

I do tend to like making fun of the economics leader writer of The Guardian, the history graduate Aditya Chakrabortty. For his knowledge of the subject he covers is, how to put this, less than complete. For example, here he is on finance:

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Meanwhile, over here in reality Sweden shows how laissez faire capitalism makes people rich

Written by | Tuesday 29 October 2013

As we all know Sweden is burdened with an extraordinary tax burden, one so heavy as to crush all things of beauty within that country. But that's the price that has to be paid for the glories of an icy social democracy of course.

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Fortunately there's really not that much slavery in the UK

Written by | Sunday 27 October 2013

Having even one person in slavery here in the UK would be one person too many of course. Having anyone anywhere in slavery would be entirely terrible but we are rich enough and liberal enough that we should have none at all. Fortunately, there's a new report out that shows us that while the problem is real it's small.

United Kingdom Estimated number enslaved 4,200 – 4,600

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On Russell Brand's misunderstanding of profit

Written by | Saturday 26 October 2013

The former Mr. Katy Perry took to Newsnight this week to display to all of us his ignorance of economics.

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Regulation isn't the way to ensure a diverse marketplace

Written by | Friday 25 October 2013

As we all well know one analysis of the Great Crash is that it all happened because financial markets werte too concentrated. There were banks that were "too big to fail" and which we couldn't just let go bust therefore we had to bail them out. I certainly ascribe to part of that analysis, or to it in part perhaps. And a useful solution would therefore be to break up large banks so that none are in fact to big to fail. Seems a logical answer.

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If you don't pay for someone else's university course then you're violating their human rights apparently

Written by | Thursday 24 October 2013

A rather worrying document crosses my desk. This one, in which we are told the following:

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Neelie Kroes has a Nancy Pelosi moment

Written by | Tuesday 22 October 2013

I can't help feeling that there must be a better way to run a continent than this.

The background is that the EU Commissioner, Neelie Kroes, wants to stop the mobile telecoms firms from charging roaming fees. Well, OK, whatever. But Vodafone, one of those companies that will be affected, is arguing that this will or at least could lead to the sort of cooperation among the mobile companies that other parts of the EU will regard as collusion. A cartel even: and the EU can fine a company 10% of global turnover for indulging in something like that.

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