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An extremely strange argument from Nick Cohen

Written by | Tuesday 25 March 2014

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How much does Will Hutton actually know about pensions?

Written by | Monday 24 March 2014

Yes, it's a Monday morning so we've the weekend's Will Hutton column to pick through if we so with. And I have to say that it's a real doozy. We might hope for just a little better than this from someone who wants to tell us all how we should live our own lives, how the country should be run. He wants to talk about the new pension rules:

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This is rather the point of student loans though

Written by | Sunday 23 March 2014

Hugh Muir gets all upset about what is happening over student loans. The repayment numbers are sinking through the floor so what's the point of the new system. And furthermore:

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I find myself agreeing with Richard Murphy

Written by | Friday 21 March 2014

I think I'm going to need to take a little lie down. I find myself in agreement with Richard Murphy on something. Even that it's only partial agreement is disturbing. He says:

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A truly great observation by Don Boudreaux

Written by | Thursday 20 March 2014

We like Don Boudreaux on this blog, we do. And this is a good example of why we do for Don has teased out, elicited, this observation:

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I wouldn't say I was surprised by HMRC and the 40p tax rate

Written by | Wednesday 19 March 2014

HMRC is putting forward what might to many sound like a very strange argument. That the 40p tax rate makes people work harder:

Pushing people into the 40p rate will make them work harder to recover the money they have lost to the taxman, an official report has found.

The thing is, they could well be right.

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Something of a blunder from Oxfam here

Written by | Tuesday 18 March 2014

They have a new little reportette out. Their instructions to George Osborne on what to do in the Budget. And it contains something of a howler. I've been chatting to them this morning about it and still haven't managed to get them to see what they've done wrong here.

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Adam Smith tells us about the private financing of science

Written by | Monday 17 March 2014

The New York Times has one of those very New York Times pieces about the funding of science. They note that the usual cast of billionaires are upping their spending upon scientific research. The problem with this is that, according to the New York Times at least, this means that people get to fund the sort of research they like to fund rather than fund research that meets the approval of the sort of people who run government and the New York Times.

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