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The WHO is actually quite reasonable on sugar

Written by | Friday 7 March 2014

You'll have seen the signs of a demonisation campaign going on. That sugar is addictive, that it has no nutritional value (as if calories are not nutrition), that we must tax it, or possibly ban certain uses, that AHHHRGH! we're all gonna die! and so on.

And then we get the actual sciency bit from the World Health Organisation which looks just fine to me:

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It's the usual piggies squealing about business rates

Written by | Thursday 6 March 2014

There's a lot of squealing going on about the system of business rates at present, most of it coming from the usual little pigs. The oinks are actually loud enough and coordinated enough to be considered a campaign to get the basics of the system changed. Which would be a bad idea given that rates are actually one of the better parts of our current taxation system:

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The deluded idea of making sex illegal to buy

Written by | Tuesday 4 March 2014

There are times that I look upon those who would rule us and wonder where the collective IQ leaked out to. This is one such time: they're proposing that it should be made illegal to purchase sex in the United Kingdom.

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A most wonderful example of cause and effect

Written by | Monday 3 March 2014

I have to admit that I just love this story. For it speaks to that terrible problem that we face so often, trying to understand the difference between correlation and cause.

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I find that I've been a Coasean all along

Written by | Sunday 2 March 2014

Anti-dismal has a piece which tells me that, much to my surprise, I've not been a liberatairan, nor a classical liberal, all this time but in one respect at least I've been a Coasean:


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Hurrah! There are fewer poor people than we thought

Written by | Friday 28 February 2014

Not all that many people are aware of quite how appallingly bad most economics statistics are. Not in the sense of it's terrible that the numbers are as they are, but that the numbers are generally so shoddily lashed together. And this is obviously going to be even more true in hte poorer parts of the world. A government that hasn't quite worked out how to collect the rubbish isn't going to be all that good at counting the people nor what they do or earn.

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Market competition is how we choose whom to cooperate with

Written by | Thursday 27 February 2014

Eamonn has alerted me to another one of those books on how cooperation is better than competition. We can all guess how it goes:

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Is Ha Joon Chang actually an economist?

Written by | Wednesday 26 February 2014

At least, is Ha Joon Chang an economist with at least a vague familiarity with finance and public markets? I ask because this piece of his is remarkably naive and ill informed:

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