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Climate change will cause 22,000 murders apparently

Written by | Tuesday 25 February 2014

There's an interesting new piece of research that tells us that climate change is going to cause an extra 22,000 murders in the US over the rest of this century.

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I'm not sure I agree with Gregory Clark on social mobility

Written by | Monday 24 February 2014

Gregory Clark (who you should remember from the excellent "A Farewell to Alms") has some new research out looking at the historic rates of social mobility. A good summation of that is here, in the NY Times. Worth reading that but the short version is that social mobility has been very low across societies and history. The current day is not real change from those historical numbers.

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Of course the Fed knew about the manipulation of LIBOR

Written by | Sunday 23 February 2014

Some seem surprised that the Fed knew about the manipulation of LIBOR way back. To which I would respond that of course they did. Everyone knew about it.

Or perhaps I should point out that everyone knew about one set of that manipulation, for there were (allegedly) two.

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Amazingly, communism causes malnutrition and stunting

Written by | Friday 21 February 2014

Isn't it amazing how we keep finding out yet even more about the pernicious effects of communism?

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Why is Oxfam lying to us about the Financial Transactions Tax?

Written by | Thursday 20 February 2014

It's a sad thing to have to say but, sadly, every single word in that video above is a lie. And this is not just to say that of course all acting is a lie: it is to say that the entire basis upon which Oxfam is operating here is incorrect and also that they know that they are incorrect.

Here is their briefing paper which accompanies that video.

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Unemployment pay increases unemployment

Written by | Wednesday 19 February 2014

One of the sadder things I've seen over the past few years has come from a coterie of left leaning US economists. They have been insisting that the extension of unemployment benefits (usually in the US they are only payable for 26 weeks, it was extended to 99) has had no effect on the unemployment rate. This is of course untrue:

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Does the NYT actually read its own editorials?

Written by | Tuesday 18 February 2014

The New York Times is complaining bitterly that the workers at the VW plant in Tennessee didn't do what the NYT think that the auto workers should have done. That is, they voted not to have a union to represent them:

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On why the Club of Rome was wrong

Written by | Monday 17 February 2014

I think we all recall the Club of Rome report that came out in the early 1970s? That all minerals were going to run out imminently and that therefore by today we'd all be dead?

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So how's this Bolivarian Chavismo working out then?

Written by | Sunday 16 February 2014

It has to be said that this Bolivarian Chavismo, socialism with a Venezuelan face, really isn't working out all that well. A few months back we had the absolutely absurd story that people were using high tech gadetry like smartphone apps just to work out which shop had toilet paper in stock. Things are going downhill from there:

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