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Economic freedom makes you fat

Written by | Thursday 6 February 2014

A fascinating little finding from the WHO: economic freedom makes you fat:

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What's really wrong with the economy: bureaucracy

Written by | Wednesday 5 February 2014

Allow me to tell you what's really wrong with the economy these days: it's the bureaucracy, stupid!

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Just why are we ruled by these people?

Written by | Tuesday 4 February 2014

The 2020 Conservatives group used Laura Sandys MP to write a report on how we should all reuse stuff much more so that we're a much richer nation. And my question to that group is why?

Why did you have written and then release a report that shows your misunderstandings of how the economy works? Wouldn't it have been better to write one on a subject you do understand?

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Apparently the UK is in the grip of a house price fairy

Written by | Monday 3 February 2014

I'm afraid that I rather spluttered into my fry up this morning reading this piece of absurdity in The Guardian:

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And here's another problem with the climate change debate

Written by | Sunday 2 February 2014

This article by Michael Mann is an interesting example of something that has gone wrong with the climate change debate. For what we're getting is people who claim expertise in one part of the problem insisting that said expertise gives them power to determine what should be the answers to other parts of said problem.

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It is the strange task of economics

Written by | Saturday 1 February 2014

The usual second part of that phrase is that economics shows us what we don't know. But in this case it is in fact to tell us what we do know:

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We free marketeers have a problem here

Written by | Friday 31 January 2014

This is something of a facepalm moment:

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Yes, really, Women's Lib caused inequality

Written by | Thursday 30 January 2014

Now here's a thing: the liberation of half the country from their economic and social shackles I regard as an unalloyed good thing. That this liberation of women largely came from technological causes, the "washing machine" or domestic household technology as Ha Joon Chang calls it, plus the decline in the economic importance of male musculature, doesn't matter at all. That it happened was great.

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There's nothing neoliberal about work for the dole

Written by | Wednesday 29 January 2014

OK, so this story comes from Australia where they might be far enough away not to be quite up to speed with things. But the idea that people should work for the dole is not in fact some appalling apparition leaping from the fevered imaginations of neoloberals. It's not, in fact, even a liberal idea. It's an entirely social democratic one: you know, soft left sorta thing?

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Bill Easterly on Bill Gates and aid and development

Written by | Tuesday 28 January 2014

Bill and Melinda Gates have released their annual letter on what's going on with their Foundation, global poverty and aid. And they quite rightly point out that things are indeed getting better.

However, this is not the same thing as stating that it is aid that is making things better. As Bill Easterly points out:

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