Dr Madsen Pirie

Dr Madsen Pirie is President of the Adam Smith Institute.  He subscribes to a broadly empirical and libertarian philosophy and values the insights of the Austrian School of Economics.  He has written books on logic, philosophy, economics, and children's science fiction.  His own website is at www.madsen-pirie.com

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New Christmas presents

Written by | Wednesday 26 December 2007

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Simpler Taxes

Written by | Thursday 20 December 2007

IHS academic writing competition

Written by | Wednesday 12 December 2007

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French leave

Written by | Monday 26 November 2007

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How to survive in the age of the free-lunch economy

Written by | Thursday 31 August 2006

The libertarian science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein famously observed that “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch," but today’s producers and retailers are increasingly faced by a public which expects one. Our economy has a habit of turning what was once an item of value into a throwaway freebie, and the economics of this are making people rethink their ideas.

Why the case for a flat-tax is irresistible

Written by | Thursday 17 February 2005

It works on two levels. The single rate is set sufficiently low that
compliance shoots up. It is less worthwhile to avoid tax by complicated
tax shelters and less worthwhile to evade it by criminal failure to
declare income. The second effect is that the low rate increases the
reward of extra effort and risk-taking. Since people can now keep a
higher proportion of what they earn, extra earning becomes more


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