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Anton Howes is the Director of the Liberty League, a network for liberal and libertarian students and organizations.

Michael Gove's exam board monopoly is a step backwards

Written by | Tuesday 26 June 2012

Michael Gove's proposals for education are certainly an upheaval, but scrapping competing exam boards for the new O-levels may be a big mistake. The reasoning behind the proposal, espoused by supporters like Liz Truss MP, is that competition causes a 'race to the bottom', with teachers and schools self-interestedly choosing the easiest qualifications for any given subject in order to boost their rankings in the league tables. The argument goes that this has been one of the chief causes of 'dumbing down' in school qualifications.

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The tax avoidance inquisition is right about one thing

Written by | Monday 25 June 2012

The debate over tax avoidance never dies because most people tend to act in their own self-interest. We always search for the most common-sense approach to organising our own finances: We tend to buy things with lower VAT because they cost us less, and we tend to put our savings into a tax-free ISA when the opportunity presents itself. Likewise, with the financial resources to do so, you would tend to seize the chance to avoid tax on a much grander scale à la Carr.

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I used to be a productive member of society like you...

Written by | Thursday 15 December 2011

Skyrim damages the economy according to Geek Dad writer Dave Banks. His explanation is worth a read, gushing with praise for one of the most immersive and impressive video games yet, and finishing with a petition to politicians to ban Bethesda from making such great games.

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On "ethical eating"

Written by | Saturday 5 November 2011

Last Saturday I attended a Battle of Ideas debate on whether or not food can be moral. It's an interesting question for libertarians, particularly when you try to consider the extent to which the non-aggression principle can apply to other animals. Some take a purist approach and consider all animal life to be inviolable. Others take the position that eating another animal is fine, so long as you didn't support the system that put it on your plate by buying it. This could have been a debate on exercising personal morality, using the power of the consumer to gradually change trends.

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A measure of paternalism

Written by | Wednesday 2 November 2011

deliciousboozeIs measuring alcohol units a good thing? That was the question posed by a debate on Saturday at the Battle of Ideas. At first glance, it seems entirely reasonable that we should know the alcohol content of a given drink. But units are quite different: they allow us to compare the amount of alcohol to an ostensibly objective 'daily guideline'.

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Liberty League Conference 2011

Written by | Monday 26 September 2011

liberalThe young libertarian network, the Liberty League, will be holding its inaugural conference on Saturday October 22nd at the National Liberal Club in Whitehall, London.

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Helicopters vs Gnomes

Written by | Monday 12 September 2011

Helicopter economics is back. Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins writes that current economic strategies have failed to boost the economy, pointing out the absurdity of quantitative easing (which the ASI has been doing since day one), and to the failure of the private sector to fill in the gaps left by cuts in public expenditure. But his main concern is with lack of demand.

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The gun debate fires off

Written by | Saturday 20 August 2011

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