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What prices know and what we don't

Written by | Thursday 17 January 2013

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A 30-month agenda

Written by | Monday 26 November 2012

Madsen sets out on his own site what should be the agenda for the second half of this coalition government.  In a speech to York University Conservatives he lists a programme that might reasonably be implemented by the coalition. It's radical stuff, starting with combining income tax and National insurance and moving on to allowing profit-making free schools and privatized universities, with a dash for gas along the way, and the removal of the cap on skilled immigration:

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On economic ignorance

Written by | Monday 19 November 2012

Madsen takes a poke today on his site at people who don't allow their ignorance of economics to stop them from making illiterate proposals.  In language considerably more temperate that Tim Worstall uses, Madsen suggests that some people think they can bring about a new economic reality simply by wishing it into existence, without the slightest idea of the complexities they are dealing with, or of the unintended consequences that their proposals might bring about:

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London Mises Circle

Written by | Friday 26 October 2012

The seminars hosted by Ludwig von Mises, first in Vienna and later in New York, have a key place in the history and development of Austrian economics. Such figures as Hayek, Rothbard, and Hazlitt all attended.

Inspired by this the London Mises Circle is holding a seminar at the Institute of Economic Affairs at 6:30pm on November 1st.

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Written by | Monday 24 September 2012

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Bank executives should face greater liability for losses

Written by | Friday 21 September 2012

We released a report today, Market-based bank regulation: Creating incentives that promote responsible banking, which argues that a market-based alternative to orthodox bank regulation should be adopted to promote responsible decision-making behaviour by banks. The paper looks at the historical example of 19th Century American banks, where executives and shareholders faced liability for twice the value of their shareholdings.

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Why Paul Krugman is Wrong about the Recession

Written by | Wednesday 5 September 2012

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Is capitalism "pro-business"?

Written by | Thursday 16 August 2012

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I, Smartphone

Written by | Monday 30 July 2012

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Think Tank Reviewed

Written by | Wednesday 4 July 2012

Madsen's "Think Tank - the story of the Adam Smith Institute" continues to attract comment.  The Guardian has just featured a review by Steven Poole, sandwiching Madsen (as he points out with delight) half way between intellectuals and gin!

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