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Proprietorial Schools Conference, April 28

Written by | Thursday 29 March 2012

The Centre for Market Reform of Education (CMRE) is a new education research and policy unit founded by ASI research fellow James Croft, the author of our outstanding 2011 report, Profit-Making Free Schools.

The purpose of the Centre is to explore and promote wider understanding of the benefits of a more diverse, competitive and entrepreneurial education sector and market-led solutions to public policy issues.

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Economics is fun, and it was

Written by | Wednesday 28 March 2012

Today we post Madsen's 20th and final one in his "Economics is Fun" series of YouTube videos.  In this one Madsen examines if Economics can be a science like Physics or Astronomy, even with all its equations and formulae. He points out that atoms and stars don't get it into their minds to behave differently because they have new information.

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Road privatisation long overdue

Written by | Monday 19 March 2012

The Adam Smith Institute has been advocating the privatisation of Britain's roads since the 1980s. Today's announcement on allowing private firms to run roads is a welcome piece of news, and Tom Clougherty, our Executive Director, gave the following reaction:

"The government is right that we need more investment in the UK's road network and right that this investment cannot realistically come from public resources. If we're going to give Britain the infrastructure it needs for stronger economic growth and a better quality of life, we need to get the private sector involved.

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A free-market agenda for the 2012 budget

Written by | Friday 16 March 2012

50p Tax – It should go. It doesn't raise any money and it damages Britain's economic competitiveness. Dropping the 50p rate to 45p would be ineffective and wet. Any tax over 40p – to which national insurance must be added too – will produce lower long-term returns for the Treasury as investors conclude that Britain does not welcome them. Changing the rate to a new figure simple sends out the signal that Britain's tax system is in turmoil – while what investors want it stability.

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The Wealth of Nations after 236 years

Written by | Friday 9 March 2012

Today is the 236th anniversary of the publication of the Wealth of Nations. In the spirit of efficiency, here is Eamonn's post commemorating last year's anniversary:

For a quarter of the last millennium, we have actually known the principles by which wealth is created and maximised. The trouble is, that for most of the same time, we have been trying to resist that information, thinking that we can somehow do better than the market.

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Freedom Forum 2012

Written by | Monday 5 March 2012

It's that time of year again. After the roaring success of last year's inaugural conference, the Liberty League Freedom Forum 2012 is only a month away.

For just £30 per ticket, they've booked out the entire Albatross Hostel in Newcastle, so will be providing your accommodation, meals, drink and books, as well as giving you the chance to meet other young pro-liberty activists from all over the UK.

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Why the 50p tax rate has to go

Written by | Monday 5 March 2012

Eamonn had a very good piece in the Mail on Sunday yesterday, explaining why the 50p tax is bad news:

And although the Treasury has yet to release its formal study on the impact of a 50 per cent tax rate on growth, the early indicators are  worrying; latest tax receipts from self-assessment forms – those used by the country’s richest – are down by half a billion pounds.

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Think Tank – the Story of the Adam Smith Institute

Written by | Tuesday 14 February 2012

This week sees the launch from Biteback Publications of Madsen's book, "Think Tank – the Story of the Adam Smith Institute."  Madsen, with Eamonn and Stuart Butler, founded the Adam Smith Institute "to make a difference."  They wanted a new type of think tank, one that would deal in policy innovation rather than trying to change economic thought.

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An entry to the Wolfson competition

Written by | Friday 10 February 2012

In December 2011, the Adam Smith Institute asked one of its Senior Fellows, Miles Saltiel, to form a team to compete for the £250,000 Wolfson Prize for an essay on the best course for the Eurozone if members decide to drop out. He assembled a crew of City professionals and economists. They pored through the law-books, worked up the sums and took the counsel of an international group of seasoned veterans.

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