Sam Bowman

Sam Bowman is Research Director at the Adam Smith Institute. He writes on immigration, Bleeding Heart Libertarianism, and complexity in public policy.

Politics makes us 'stupid' because the world is complex

Written by | Wednesday 16 April 2014

Ezra Klein has launched his new site,, with an essay on ‘how politics makes us stupid’.

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The progressive approach to immigration looks a lot like the conservative one

Written by | Thursday 10 April 2014

In a way, it’s refreshing that Yvette Cooper’s speech on immigration today has identified ‘free market liberals’ as the main advocates of freer immigration policies. There aren’t many of us, though, so we usually have to rely on immigration liberals on the left to win the argument over there for decent reforms to take place.

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Video: the state of the minimum wage debate

Written by | Tuesday 1 April 2014

Last month I spoke on the minimum wage at LibertarianHome's meet-up, and they have uploaded the video of the talk, as well as a very good summary write-up of my comments. I had a great time at the talk and I'm looking forward to attending more of their meet-ups in future. 

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Why get rich?

Written by | Friday 21 March 2014

You might have seen this chart, which shows different professions' household income during childhood vs their income now:

A lot of people have focused on the fact that artists' incomes 'fall' more than any other group. It reminded me of this quote from the American Founding Father John Adams:

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Seven things we'd like to see in Budget 2014 (but probably won't)

Written by | Tuesday 18 March 2014

Here are seven things we'd like to see at this year's budget:

1. Personal allowance and employee National Insurance thresholds should be merged and set at the NMW level (approx. £13,000/year after the NMW is raised to £6.50/hour). The government should legislate to keep the tax & NI thresholds at at least at the NMW level. It is crucial that the National Insurance contributions threshold be raised as well as the income tax threshold.

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The NHS is meant to be for patients, not staff

Written by | Thursday 13 March 2014

Jeremy Hunt has annoyed people today by refusing to give NHS workers a blanket 1% pay rise on top of the incremental pay rise they were already supposed getting. That’s hardly a surprise: the NHS is a religion, and Hunt’s decision is the equivalent of giving the finger to the Pope. But he’s got a point.

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Regulation seems to cause bank crises, not prevent them

Written by | Wednesday 12 March 2014

City AM's Pete Spence (formerly of this parish) reminded me of Mark Carney's claims in January that free banking systems are more unstable than regulated ones. I'm not so sure. Take a look at these two charts from George Selgin's Are Banking Crises Free-Market Phenomena?, which mark an x for every instance of a banking panic. The first chart is for unfree systems, the second for free systems:

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Disqus or Wordpress for comments? Let us know

Written by | Monday 10 March 2014

We're going to be moving over to a new, Wordpress-based site shortly. One of the things we're trying to decide is whether to keep Disqus for comments, or to use a native Wordpress-based comments system.

As I see it, the issues are this:

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An ageing libertarian on drugs

Written by | Monday 24 February 2014

Over at ConservativeHome I've written a response to Kathy Gyngell's piece that claimed that "ageing libertarians" (!) are pushing drug legalization on unsuspecting youths:

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