Sam Bowman

Sam Bowman is Research Director at the Adam Smith Institute. He writes on immigration, Bleeding Heart Libertarianism, and complexity in public policy.

The real reason we like immigration so much

Written by | Thursday 22 August 2013

Martha Gill has a good piece on immigration on the Telegraph Blogs site today, pointing out the simple fact that people often forget: the main reason immigration is such a good thing is that it's really, really good for immigrants.

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Kick the 'wise men' out of the Bank of England

Written by | Thursday 8 August 2013

In today's City AM, newly-minted ASI fellow Lars Christensen (aka The Market Monetarist) writes on the 'Carney rule'. The Carney announcement is a tiny step in the right direction, he says, but as long as the 'wise men' of the Monetary Policy Committee are running monetary policy, policy will be erratic and unpredictable, preventing adequate planning by firms and adding to market panic in economic downturns.

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Milton Friedman on the Negative Income Tax

Written by | Wednesday 31 July 2013

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The Wonga delusion

Written by | Thursday 25 July 2013

The Church of England’s plan to drive payday lenders like Wonga out of business by competing with them is wonderful. After years of politicians demanding ‘action’ on the payday loan industry, an organization has finally decided to tackle this perceived social evil by giving people a better alternative, not trying to legislate problems away.

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Political ignorance and the porn filter

Written by | Wednesday 24 July 2013

Recently I wrote about the problem of political ignorance: most voters don't know much about political issues, and most of the informed elite is also very closed-minded. Today we have an example of the worst of both worlds.

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The problem with democracy

Written by | Tuesday 9 July 2013

The public is ignorant about politics and lacks even the basic facts that it would need to make sound judgments about political issues. A new poll by Ipsos-MORI shows just how deep this ignorance is. Among other things, the poll found that:

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Unintended consequences in everything

Written by | Monday 8 July 2013

Home insulation promoted by the government may end up killing old people in their homes, apparently (hat-tip to Chris Snowdon):

Prof Chris Goodier, of Loughborough University's department of civil and building engineering, said it was vital that homes in the UK better insulated to help meet carbon emission targets and save on winter fuel bills.

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Milton Friedman's objection to immigration

Written by | Wednesday 3 July 2013

Free market supporters of immigration controls often quote Milton Friedman in support of their position:

“There is no doubt that free and open immigration is the right policy in a libertarian state, but in a welfare state it is a different story: the supply of immigrants will become infinite.”

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The poverty we can relieve

Written by | Friday 28 June 2013

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) has a new report out today that takes a look at living costs for the poor and the cost of achieving a 'socially acceptable standard of living' in modern Britain. The report continues their excellent approach to poverty measurement, which looks at the cost of a basket of goods that most people would consider necessary to have a decent standard of living.

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