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Was there really a Cuban Missile Crisis?

Written by | Thursday 17 April 2014

Lars Christensen, aka the market monetarist, has a great post over at his blog on whether or not the Cuban Missile Crisis should really have been so worrying. A stupid question, you might think, but he shows that the equity markets did not crash anything like as much as they would have been expected to do if a true catastrophe was likely.

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Should libertarians care about Brendan Eich's resignation?

Written by | Friday 4 April 2014

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has resigned his job after just 10 days in the role. This came after it was rediscovered that he gave $1,000 to Proposition 8, a direct democratic move to ban gay marriage in California, that narrowly passed. Upon discovering this, twitter and other areas of the internet mobilised, with 72,000 supporting a petition to the board to sack him.

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Who Pays Corporation Tax

Written by | Monday 17 March 2014

Ben Southwood reviews the evidence around the incidence of the corporation tax, finding that more than half appears to come out of workers' wages, with the remainder coming as an economically harmful capital tax. 

Five intriguing papers I discovered this week

Written by | Friday 7 March 2014

In what might become a recurring feature, I am going to summarise the findings of a few research papers, potentially of interest to ASI blog readers, that were either first released this week, first published this week, or first come upon by me this week.

1. Fernandes, D., Lynch, J. G., and Netemeyer, R. G., "Financial Literacy, Financial Education and Downstream Financial Behaviors" (Jan 2014)

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Markets do set rates: A reply to Julien Noizet

Written by | Wednesday 12 February 2014

Financial analyst and blogger Julien Noizet has replied to my article on mortgage rates on his blog. It is a good piece, worth reading, but I still think I am right.

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Interest rates are set in the market place

Written by | Friday 7 February 2014

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Equality: as cheap as 50p?

Written by | Monday 27 January 2014

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What's the true free market monetary policy?

Written by | Tuesday 21 January 2014

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Low rates doesn't mean low rates

Written by | Wednesday 15 January 2014

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