Apparently the NHS is the world's largest buyer of fax machines

This might not be too much of a surprise, the National Health Service is, apparently, the world's largest remaining buyer of fax machines:

The NHS is buying more fax machines than any other organisation in the world due to a “stubborn” resistance to new technology, medical leaders have said.

A report by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has revealed “farcical” reliance of the outdated equipment, with one hospital trust alone using more than 600 fax machines.

In total there at least 9,000 machines in service across the NHS through which doctors are forced to send crucial patient information.

One argument could be that the NHS is one of the world's largest organisations so it being a large buyer of any specific piece of equipment isn't that odd. But there's more to it here:

Currently, medics are officially required to contact each other by pager or fax.

There's that lack of productivity improvement, that failure to embrace new technologies, emblematic of centralised and planned systems. It has, for example, been near a decade now since it was possible to gain, for free, encrypted email and or messaging apps. 

You know, the apps which the actual doctors are already using, but they've just not got official permission for as yet?