But, but, we're already doing all of this without any plans

The latest bright idea about how the world should be run is that we all have a basic income and that, also, we leave half the planet for that nature to gawp at. We're fine with that to be honest, the question occurring to us being why do we need a plan? We're already doing this.

To usher in a new way of living, the core dynamic of ever-greater production and consumption of goods and resources must be broken, coupled with a societal focus on environmental repair. Two increasingly discussed ideas do just this.

We've not quite managed an entirely dematerialised economy but that online internet stuff seems pretty close to it, consumption without much use of scarce resources. It's also true that as we get richer we take more of that increased wealth as leisure. The population explosion is already over, as they do note correctly. We're an increasingly urban species, thereby leaving ever more room for other species and that gawping at them.

We even, by industrialising our agriculture, are abandoning swathes of land back to that nature - we've mentioned before how New England used to be small farms and is now that regrown forest. There's even reasonable evidence that large parts at least of the Amazon are regrowth, not primaeval.

UBI would give people the right to choose when it comes to fulfilling their own basic needs, and rewilding Earth does the same of other species’ needs. This would be a legacy of a new chapter in Earth’s history that we could be proud of.

We agree that a UBI would be an improvement upon the current welfare systems but it's only a different manner of providing the same basic thing, not a revolution or anything. Every society rich enough to do so does make sure all achieve at least subsistence.

Our point being that we're fine with the basic ideas, aims even. It's just that we on't see why there needs to be a call to action, nor a plan. For what we're called to do seems to be pretty much what we're all doing anyway.

So, why do we need a plan if we're already, unguided and unforced, doing it?