Clearly all the important problems are solved then

We do tend to think that the world has a problem or two. Some of which are even amenable to political action as a solution. It appears that those who rule us are not quite so sure:

Yet Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose all charge a flat 40p fee for deliveries based on the eight bags usually needed for an average online shop - but some shoppers say excessive bags are often used.

The law states that councils should fine supermarkets up to £20,000 because it means bags are being sold at below the 5p legal threshold - but anecdotally it appears this is not being applied, one Government source said.

Labour MP Mary Creagh, chair of the Commons Environmental Audit Committee, told MailOnline the situation was ‘ridiculous’ while Green co-leader Caroline Lucas says the 40p flat fee 'risks fatally undermining the gains from charging'.

£20,000 is a substantial amount of money. Very much more than a fine for truly criminal behaviour we would wager. And this over the use of "too many" plastic bags? And the effrontery to use the word "fatally" in connection with this again use of "too many" plastic bags?

Ourselves we think that this is simply displacement activity. Those politicians know that there are indeed real problems out there but they've not a scoobie as to how they might be solved. So off they go to do something, for something must be done of course. It's just that they apply that something to things trivial and or irrelevant rather than any actual problem that might be usefully solved.