Dr Madsen's Memories

Many conversant with the Adam Smith Institute will be familiar with our President, Dr Madsen Pirie. Madsen, along with Dr Eamonn Butler founded the Institute in 1977.

Madsen has compiled a series of small windows into the idiosyncrasies of his career and personal life. The memories are in no particular order; some are from early childhood, middle life, and some from the recent past. They are a compelling collection of incidents, events and observations which we would recommend for an insight into the making of Madsen Pirie.

Below is a small excerpt into the kind of writing you may come across on the website.

To most reading this who have somehow found themselves perpetually hooked the weird and wonderful alcove that is the Adam Smith Institute blog,  lighthouses may bring to mind the genius of Ronald Coase. And, usually, this may be the case for the more wonky areas of the publications of an economic think tank. Nonetheless, we invite you to explore another side of the lighthouse.

The Madsen's memories post entitled Spurn Head lighthouse and faraway lands provides, a deeper, perhaps even lighter take on lighthouses.

“As a child I had looked out to Spurn, sometimes wondering if anyone out there was looking back at me.  There was, of course. A middle-aged man was looking back to the beaches of his childhood with fond memories.”

Written with sabre-toothed clarity, witty judgement and a cautious discernment of the reader’s state of mind, these posts may well be the quick read that gives you something to ponder on for the train journey to work or even the inspiration for a blog post of your own.

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