And now for something completely different

For a Friday afternoon, something entirely different. The American economist Art Carden has been using some of the various internet memes (err, this won't make sense to some/may but bear with me) to produce economically instructional posters. The full set is here. And here is an example.

Which is very good I think you'll agree. As these others.

Which brings us to the important point here. We economically literate Brits cannot allow ourselves to be outdone by one from overseas. We did, after all, invent the subject (yes, really, Smith, Ricardo, Mill) so we must indeed be able to do better than this bumptious upstart.

So the task is for those with time hanging heavy on your hands on a Friday afternoon, pick your meme, pick your message, then let me know about where you have stashed your picture.

Let me know where it is by sending me an email to timworstall AT

Any meme, any economic lesson or point you wish to get across. The prize is of course the glory of taking part. Sam and I will bicker over which we think is the best sometime next week.

You might like to use quickmeme or perhaps the cheeseburger folks. After all, there's no sporting events imminent so what else are you going to do over the weekend?