Teaching right and wrong


Teachers have been instructed in some areas to teach their pupils the wrongs of "file-sharing," but apparently they don't seem to be getting anywhere. According to an article in the Scotsman teachers are finding it hard to explain why illegal downloading is bad and even what it means.

In a 2003 Gallup Youth Survey, only 15 percent of youngsters aged 13 to 17 thought that "in general" downloading music was "morally wrong". Yet 81 per cent agreed cheating in tests was morally wrong.

As the article properly points out, its not a clear cut issue. The consequences are hard to explain because there is unlikely to be any outcome should a child admit that they are illegally downloading.Considering many teachers have a hard time teaching children the difference between right and wrong, asking them to explain the intricacies of file-sharing illegality might just be too much to ask.