Earth Hour: Sitting in the dark


A portend of the future will be visited upon the population of the earth this coming Saturday evening at 8.30pm: a planet with a seemingly limited electricity supply. WWF’s Earth Hour is hoping that over 1 billion people across the globe wilfully choose to sit in the dark for an hour and celebrate reducing their carbon emissions, briefly. This return to the Dark Ages signifies that there are many out there who hate life and mans achievements and wish to return to more simpler times.

After sitting around in the dark for an hour most people will then be reaching for the light switch creating a surge that the electrical grids will have to deal with. As an example the biggest in the UK was after the England West Germany World Cup Semi Final, a surge that measured 2800MW, meaning that come 9.30pm this evening supplies will most probably have to be bought in from elsewhere. But at least the message is put across to politicians, that there are many people out there who are willing to have their electrical supply rationed, something that they are willing upon themselves so that they can alleviate their own guilt and clamber atop the moral mountain.

But people please don’t switch off. Switch on, tune in and embrace and celebrate all of mankind’s achievements that have brought us to where we are via our unique adaptability to change. Such as clean coal and nuclear power true signs of the ingenuity of man. The ultimate goal has to be how to harness energy from fusion power, something we should be striving for rather than wasting our time sitting around in the dark.