Sense needed in climate change talks


cancunIt is fitting that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is gathering this week and next in the tropical resort city of Cancun, Mexico. Far from a mecca of environmental activism, the lush party spot until recently consisted of mangrove swamps with no human development. The irony should not go unnoticed as the same technocrats who wish to stymie economic development take advantage of the resulting comforts while the US, UK and Europe freeze.

For a movement whose credibility has been effectively destroyed by proven false claims on melting Himalayan glaciers, polar bears becoming extinct and increasing natural disasters, you would think the climate elites might take a lesson on public relations. Those with a guilt complex granted to those benefiting from advances made in a carbon-based world seem to be unable to promote rational policies and instead continue to call for unrealistic and draconian measures like World War II style rationing. What we need instead is a mature, open discussion on climate change; without the Al Gore and International Protocol on Climate Change alarmism.

Back in 2007, Der Spiegel put together a balanced, responsible article on climate change. For as we have seen over the past billions of years, our climate will change; whether humans are making an impact or not. Indeed, this is what climates do. Further, there is no evidence that the status quo climate, what we have now, is the most ideal for the planet. Far too many questions remained unanswered to even consider imposing such concentrated costs today for a fool’s gamble on tomorrow.

The climate change crusaders now gathering in Cancun should work towards a more constructive, even-keel conversation about the potential effects, positive and negative, of the inevitable change. That is, of course, if preventing disastrous changes to the world’s climate is their primary motive.