Ship of fools


A scientific report published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded that a type of genetically modified maize banned by France does not pose a risk to animals or other plants.

Earlier this year France's provisional ‘Higher Authority on GMs' said it had “serious doubts" about the safety of the crop, MON810. It was duly banned. Following the EFSA report, the European Commission has the power to force France to lift it. I am not keen on Europe taking precedent over the nation state, but on this occasion at least it would be making the right decision.

MON810 is a product developed by the biotech giant Monsanto. It is intended to resist the European Corn Borer, a moth that has been known to damage crops, particularly maize, for around the last hundred years.

Greenpeace has of course responded. Marta Vetier, Greenpeace's GM campaigner, has called on the EFSA to be shut down. Why the media even reports the statements of Greenpeace is beyond me. Certainly the tide is turning against this ship of fools, but surely the media should credit their idiocy with silence.

If journalists write an article on immigration they don’t ask the opinion of the BNP, when they write about the environment they shouldn’t voice the words of Greenpeace. The Neo-Luddites should be mentioned by journalists only because of their continuing criminality and not give voice to their backward environmental and political positions.

If you give money to Greenpeace, watch this.