UN sabotages itself


gmcrops.jpg Genetically modified (GM) plants are helping to adapt to climate change. This is mostly because of drastically minimizing water use compared to non-GM plants. Worldwide 1.4 billion acres are already cultivated with DNA-modified crop varieties in 22 countries. However the same agency that took the lead in climate change alarmism is now seriously considering a moratorium on all field-testing and commercialisation of GM tress. This comes on top of already extant heavy-handed over-regulation that stifles innovation in biotechnology. According to a new paper from the Hoover Institution the UN may actually be worsening the global environment with its policy:

Irrigation for agriculture accounts for approximately 70 per cent of the world’s fresh water consumption… so the introduction of plants that grow with less water would allow vast amounts to be freed up for other uses. Especially during drought conditions…even a small percentage reduction in the use of water for irrigation could result in huge benefits, both economic and humanitarian.

GM crop varieties could accomplish exactly that if only the UN would give up its unscientific, anti-innovative approach to regulation of biotechnology. With its numerous policies and programs the UN inhibits the development of important tools indispensable for the adaptation to a changing climate. Finally, DNA technology does not require new resources. It’s all there. The UN needs simply to shed its hypocrisy, get out of the way of farmers and plant breeders, and hand the mettle over to the market.