Want to get high?


Researchers at Boeing Phantom have predicted that in twenty years it will be entirely normal to travel to work in plane-car hybrids. The hybrid will be able to travel up to 300 miles and, thanks to a computerised 'flight instructor', it will take minimal skill and concentration.

Powered by electricity and or batteries, it will run on relatively clean technology. However, given the freedom and fun that the hybrid will introduce, I'm sure the ecofascists will find a way of criticising the enterprise.

With green extremists still intent on prophesising doomsday visions of future, it is good to see the normally complicit BBC report on how technology can improve the environment. After all, technological innovation has meant that most humans no longer consider dying at thirty to be normal.

Boeing's vision is entirely likely. A Slovenian company, Pipistrel, will be delivering the first commercially produced two-seater electric aircraft, it runs on a lithium-polymer battery which can be recharged in the time it will take as long as a mobile phone.

As the work Positive Environmentalism from the Globalisation Institute clearly argues, technology offers the surest way to protect the environment. Surely it is about time that this was acknowledged by politicians, the media and society at large.