Greetings everyone!

I have always wanted to take a gap year but was looking for something more interesting than the traditional ‘gap yah with Tarquin’. Thus, I was thrilled to find out that I would be spending my Gap Year at the Adam Smith Institute and getting involved in their policy-related mischief. 

The gap year is an opportunity to develop and research my political ideas before returning to a generation that seems increasingly in veneration of socialism. Thus, rather than spending my September in a fresher’s week explaining to drunk people in the pub why there’s nothing wrong with student tuition fees, I thought I would enjoy it more in Westminster talking to people less likely to glass me. I look forward to the opportunities for research and meeting interesting people in the year ahead. 

I have a number of hobbies from interesting debates in that shadowland of the comment sections of Jeremy Corbyn’s Instagram posts to sport to reading books on History and Politics. As a Brexiteer, I look forward to pursuing a new vision for the UK rather than the damage control attitude which has defined the last few years. I will enjoy writing about the new trade deals and regulatory reform available in the year ahead. As a teenager who would like to own their own property some time in their life, I have a strong vested interest in potential new reforms for planning restrictions that will help deliver affordable housing. I will also hopefully be writing about many other topics from pensions to education. 

I am optimistic in the power of the market to deliver better living standards to people throughout the world as well as providing innovative solutions to many of the problems we face from climate change to ageing populations. I am excited about the year ahead and cannot wait to get started.