Greetings from Australia!

After moving from Sydney to Perth at the beginning of the year, I became involved in an organisation called Mannkal. This organisation offers many different opportunities to university students and aims to provide a different view point than most of the educational institutions. Myself and two other students from Perth have made our way to London to intern for two months with the others interning at the Centre for Policy Studies and the Institute for Economic Affairs.

Being new to neoliberal ideas, I was drawn to the Adam Smith Institute and their range of publications and opinions. I was also drawn to London due to the excitement and uncertainty of Brexit negotiations and how this will end up shaping the future of the UK. As an Australian, I am particularly interested in the renegotiation of immigration policy. Separation from the European Union allows for a closer relationship with Australia and the UK may be more inclined to strengthen this relationship.

Last week saw the completion of my Commerce degree and now, thanks to Mannkal and the ASI, Iā€™m interning here for the next two months. I believe this will be a great opportunity for me to use the knowledge that I learnt in my degree and draw on my interest of a freer society for all. I am very excited to start my next educational journey and career in a place that has such a significant influence within the UK and worldwide.