All your bodies are belong to us


The NHS is aiming to recruit a major new supplier of body parts and blood. Namely: our children. Schools Secretary Ed Balls is looking to indoctrinate educate school children in the benefits of organ and blood donation. Current benefits include cups of tea and loss of life, and an over bearing sense of self-worth with which you can bore your friends to death with.

Due to current shortages in the market of donors, the government can find no effective way of harvesting the 8,000 organs that are currently needed. This is despite there already being 15.7 million people registered.

What is most alarming about the incorporation of this into the curriculum is the subtle way that the government's attempt to nationalize our bodies is exposed by the 'lax' comments of John Dunford, General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders who said donation was a "crucial issue" that "must be addressed in schools" followed by: "I think it's good to encourage young people to become donors. I hope they'll encourage their parents to do the same."

And there we have it: the inescapable establishment of the Spies (the youth organization from 1984). Children are to become the mouthpieces of the state, to further pressure adults to act in the ways and forms the government requires. If the government had an iota of intelligence, they allow the financial compensation for people donating either body parts or body content (undertaken in only a minority of incidents). But alas they don’t. It seems that the government brain cell has been donated. I pity the recipient.