And another thing...


...that doesn't need a government solution.

This piece is interesting for it shows just why so many problems not only should not be solved by government intervention but also why the need not be so solved. Yes, I know that comes as something of a shock to certain types, which there are problems which government really shouldn't be getting involved in.

The basic problem is that those who have had cancer find it very difficult to get travel insurance. Well, that's not quite the problem: it's that many who have had cancer now recover and even those who are terminally ill might be so for some years rather than the quick shuffle into the shroud that was their fate decades ago. The insurance industry hasn't quite cottoned on to this and thus either refuses cover or charges a fortune for it.

The solution is of course market competition. Led, in this case, by an insurance industry type who had had cancer and found that not only had she survived she couldn't get such holiday health insurance. You see the importance of local knowledge in this case then, yes? So she cranks the new numbers on cancer survival and is able to offer policies at £180 rather than the £1,000 charged by the large firms. Business is apparenly going gangbusters and there we have it: local and specific knowledge leading to a competitive and better service being offered to consumers. Driven, of course, by that lust for profit.

The problem is already solved. In fact, many such other problems will also be solved. Now that entrepreneurs have seen that cancer survival rates have changed, and that profit can be made by redesigning services and offerings, the fleet footed should be able to build fortunes. Indeed some will from this new knowledge and good luck to them.

All without the intervention of government which hasn't even noticed this problem as yet, let along thought up a solution.