One small step for Brown, one giant waste of time for the rest of us


In the midst of a complicated recession, Gordon Brown proposed a small solution to improve the status of public service in the UK. Brown wants to integrate user reviews into the NHS system: “He proffered a vision in which patients choosing a family doctor or parents looking for child care could benefit from the same kinds of reviews and ratings that are now available for books and other products on internet sites like Amazon."

Gordon Brown wants the public focusing not on why they are jobless, but on a public complaint forum where citizens review NHS professionals, centres, and hospitals. The problem with this plan is that people simply do not have enough choice of where they can be treated in the first place. These reviews will simply bring people together to complain about the problems they face at NHS clinics. Why have information without choice? It is like living as a prisoner on bread & water exclusively, but if one day the warden decided to display menus for some fabulous restaurants in the mess hall. You can look all you want at restaurant menus and reviews, but meanwhile you know what’s going to be on your plate when you sit down to eat.