How can Owen Jones tell us both these things in the same article?

For different people to grasp different parts of reality isn’t odd at all. None of us manages to understand it all - one of the reasons why planning doesn’t work as it assumes that impossible knowledge. But to manage to get two entirely contradictory ideas into the one piece of journalism is going some even for Owen Jones:

If only the Daily Express was right. That is not a sentence I ever expected to type. “Extinction Rebellion protests have WORKED as MPs succumb to calls for change”, bellowed the rightwing rag. Alas, the government has not capitulated to demands to declare a climate emergency, let alone to decarbonise the British economy by 2025. But Extinction Rebellion has retaught a lesson every generation must learn: that civil disobedience works. Amid the spluttering of obnoxious news presenters, it has forced the existential threat of climate change on to the airwaves and into newsprint.

So, until people superglued them to an electricity using public transport system, the DLR, no one had done anything about climate change. Gaia was just lying there being raped by capitalism. Then we’re told - and note again, this is in the very same article:

As Bill McKibben – one of the most prominent US environmentalists – tells me, the primary challenge now is not having the means but the will. “We have the tech we need,” he explains. “The work of engineers over the last decade in lowering the costs of solar and wind panels is quite remarkable. We can do what we need to do, or much of it.

We’ve just spent a decade doing the hard bit of working out the tech to beat climate change, that climate change that no one was paying attention to until last week’s supergluing?

Seriously, how can you believe both that we’ve directed humanity’s ingenuity to developing renewables and also insist that no one’s been paying attention to the problem?