A fantastic boost to nothingness


In a recent article in the Square Mile Magazine, London Mayor Boris Johnson chose to endorse Barack Obama, citing the ritualistic epithet, “ it will be the most fantastic boost, I think, for black people everywhere around the world...". It is a natural reaction for anyone swept up in the deification of Obama that they must reiterate this mantra.

Mr Johnson isn’t the only conservative to be immersed in Obama’s wonder; 1 in 3 of the current crop of conservative MPs support him as well. What makes people leave their principled heads in the cupboard when it comes to November’s election?

What Obama brings with one hand will probably be undermined by the other hand and the rest disposed of  by the Democratically controlled Capitol Hill come November should he win. The implied febrile boost to black people will become greatly subdued under many of his economic policies, which look set not to just damage America’s position but almost all of her trading partners as well.

The boost will be fleeting. The grinding poverty associated with barriers to trade will be enduring. A change we can’t believe in and nor should those with conservative principles.