Taking aim


Just over a week ago a man appeared outside a town hall meeting in New Hampshire carrying a sign that read, "It is time to water the tree of liberty". Nothing sinister in that. What was apparently sinister was the fact that he had a loaded firearm in a leg holster. This has sent certain sections of the media into howling, screaming fits of rage. As can be witnessed here when Chris Matthews interviewed Wiliam Kostric the man who was carrying the sign and the firearm. The discussion surrounding this issue was ramped up further when others openly carried arms at a speech by President Obama to veterans.

This debate has exposed how parts of the media view the issue of state's rights and gun laws. Their shrill intonations also expose how they suffer from quick knee jerk reactions and completely misunderstand the issue of gun laws that vary from state to state. They have a conception of an America that is primarily a federal jurisdiction and their own beliefs should be channelled via the President to ensure that the Second Amendment is abolished.

It seems that while the President, state enforcement agencies and those carrying the guns are level headed, the media are running around and wildly screaming. The media is a devilish mistress and one that is continually becoming a hindrance to liberty rather than a promoter of it. It is no longer acting as a brake against government wrongdoing. In America it consistently chooses to ignore the Constitution and suggest a tyrannical course of action. Is it any wonder that they are going out of business and being overtaken by internet based news websites/blogs? They have disconnected from their customers to follow their own politicised agenda, a self-inflicted suicide.