What the graphs tell us


This is a fascinating look at what leading economists see as the significant trends for the eurozone economies.

Top business economists were asked to pick out their favourite graph or chart from 2011. Many chose ones that have bearing on the state of the eurozone countries.  A few picked ones that illustrate changes in the UK savings ratio, or the level of private debt. 

The message they give without exception is a gloomy one throughout, and for the euro it is little short of catastrophic.  There is no way, on these figures, that the euro can survive in its present form with its current members.  The euro is going down the tubes, and sooner rather than later.  Some commentators think the UK was wrong to stay out of the proposed fiscal union designed to save it, but from these figures it cannot be saved anyway.  The UK might be thankful it will be outside the mess that is coming.  It will be affected, of course, and the hope must be that we have made some preparations to minimize those effects.  The graphs tell us clearly that it is time to batten down the hatches rather than engage in fanciful but ultimately doomed political schemes to stave off economic reality.