Jeremy Corbyn to reverse most successful economic policy of all time

It might be possible to cavil that this description of Jeremy Corbyn’s ambitions is a tad unfair. Certainly some would so complain. Yet we do think it fair to point out the counterparty to the claim he’s making:

Jeremy Corbyn has warned that the rich are on “borrowed time” as Labour unveils plans today for a multibillion pound raid on companies which would force them to handover 10 percent of their shares to workers.

The Labour leader last night said he would break the mould of “neoliberal economics” which had dominated political thinking since the Seventies, adding that a Labour government “was coming” for the “very richest in our society”.

Speaking at The World Transformed rally at the party’s conference in Liverpool, Mr Corbyn said: “What we're doing is challenging a neoliberal ideology that took over the world in probably, let's say, 1970s or thereabouts.

Note the claim, took over the world. Thus there will have been global effects. As, indeed, there have been. The greatest reduction in absolute poverty in the history of our species. We think that’s a pretty good result from a socio-economic policy, Jezza clearly disagrees.

We think we should probably continue with this successful economic policy too. The UN, with the development goals, thinks we can actually abolish such extreme poverty in the next 12 years - we think that’s an excellent ambition whatever our views on the UN and targets.

Yes, we do understand how political opposition works. Everything currently being done must be opposed because that’s what opposition politics is. But now we’ve finally got that policy which really does lift up the poor it would be a pity to reverse it just so a different grouping of Britain’s chatterati can sit on the government benches, no?