Censoring the Adam Smith Institute


If it were not for Google Alerts I would never have found this website. In fact, if the number of comments are anything to go by, nor would anyone else. Titled ‘Censoring the Adam Smith Institute’ it contains an article to end all parodies of statists, showing with clarity exactly what we are all up against.

Apparently the author of the blog has:

Asked the Netherlands Interior Ministry to censor the website of the Adam Smith Institute, www.old.adamsmith.org. The Institute is the most influential free-market lobby in the United Kingdom. As with earlier censorship proposals, I requesting listing on the national police blacklist, which results in blocking by providers.  For the procedure and the background, look here:

The request is based on three grounds:

  1. The Adam Smith Institute seeks to subject others, against their will, to "free-market economic and social policies
  2. The organisation did in fact succeed in that, and had great influence on the Thatcher regime
  3. The organisation obstructs the work of regulatory authorities in the financial sector, by harassing them, lobbying against their functions, and by depicting them as 'enemies of freedom' - and in doing so, it facilitated massive fraud and mismanagement.

He has also asked that the “Justice Ministry to issue exclusion orders on the Institute's President Dr. Madsen Pirie, and its director Dr. Eamonn Butler, barring their entry into the Netherlands, on the grounds that they obstruct the work of the financial regulatory authorities. That request is problematic since they are presumably EU citizens, and can benefit from that status in immigration law (although they undoubtedly despise the idea themselves)."

Lunacy, yes; but with the way that freedom is going, the future might just hold such dark visions of justice.