Imagine all the people


The crypto-fascist scheme to introduce ID Cards is being slowly but surely forced down our throat. Foreign nationals will soon be forced to adopt these wicked devices of control. Next it will be you. Given the stark gravity of the situation, it is worth considering whether or not the scheme will in fact be introduced, and if so, what the reaction of people will be.

It has certainly been a while since the British people have defended for their civil liberties. In the mean time the British have become known for their obsequious, deferential and apathetic behaviour towards those in power. Will the introduction of ID Cards reignite their thirst for freedom?

Well, hopefully it won’t have to. We do have some sense in the House of Commons. Both shadow home secretaries are against the plan. From the Conservatives, Dominic Greave has made it clear that "ID cards are an expensive white elephant that risk making us less - not more safe". Going on to say: “it is high time the Government scrapped this ill-fated project." Chris Huhne of the Liberal Democrats has said that, "The Government has gone wobbly-kneed about rolling this out to anyone with a vote. This is the thin end of the wedge. It does not matter how fancy the design of ID cards is, they remain a grotesque intrusion on the liberty of the British people".

However, if by some perverse miracle Labour manages to win the next election, or – politicians being politicians – the Conservatives change their position on ID Cards, the British people will be have to decide whether or not to burn them (the ID Cards that is) on the streets. The fact that all major newspapers – from the Telegraph to the Guardian and everything in between – are against them, suggests there are strong feelings across the political spectrum. Success will depend upon the organization of dissent by activists such as NO2ID. Provided action is peaceful, it may be the only solution. Imagine, Parliament Square ablaze with ID Cards. Perhaps the celebrations could coincide with November 5th.