Maybe Guido Fawkes was right: prorogation is not enough

The Trade Bill is important to securing trade agreements post Brexit.  No strategic matters are involved, just a bit of tidying up: “Make provision about the implementation of international trade agreements; to make provision establishing the Trade Remedies Authority and conferring functions on it; and to make provision about the collection and disclosure of information relating to trade.”

The 2016 Referendum made it clear that this administrative clean up was necessary and urgent so our Lords and MPs, so essential to our democracy, set to work. Three years on and after thirty odd sittings (see below), they have achieved precisely nothing, perhaps as a remainer plot. The Trade Bill is now likely, as a result of prorogation to go into the bin. Maybe that is irrelevant as the current version of the bill is in the “Ping Pong” stage which refers to the two chambers batting the bill to and fro with only slight changes in the wording. This can go on for ever. No date is arranged for the Commons to consider it again.

The Secretary of State, Liz Truss MP, has now declined the International Trade Select Committee’s invitation to discuss the matter. Presumably she sees little point in sitting in front of prevaricating MPs and being lambasted for something which is Parliament’s fault and not the government’s.

Stage Date
1st reading: House of Commons 07/11/2017
2nd reading: House of Commons 09/01/2018
Money resolution: House of Commons 09/01/2018
Programme motion: House of Commons 09/01/2018
Committee Debate: 1st sitting 23/01/2018
Committee Debate: 2nd sitting 23/01/2018
Committee Debate: 3rd sitting 25/01/2018
Committee Debate: 4th sitting 25/01/2018
Committee Debate: 5th sitting 30/01/2018
Committee Debate: 6th sitting 30/01/2018
Committee Debate: 7th sitting 30/01/2018
Committee Debate: 8th sitting 01/02/2018
Report stage: House of Commons 17/07/2018
3rd reading: House of Commons 17/07/2018
1st reading (Hansard): House of Lords 18/07/2018
2nd reading (Hansard): House of Lords 11/09/2018
Committee: 1st sitting (Hansarad): House of Lords 21/01/2019
Committee: 2nd sitting (Hansard): House of Lords 23/01/2019
Committee: 3rd sitting (Hansard): House of Lords 30/01/2019
Committee: 4th sitting (Hansard): House of Lords 04/02/2019
Report: 1st sitting: House of Lords 06/03/2019
Report: 2nd sitting (Hansard): House of Lords 13/03/2019
3rd reading (Hansard): House of Lords 20/03/2019
Ping pong TBC