Moore embarrassed by cronyism


altPredatory filmmaker Michael Moore has finally fallen into his own trap.

Moore, the incarnation of self-righteous envy politics, who in his film “Capitalism - A Love Story” demanded taxpayers’ money back form Wall Street (“capitalism is legalized greed”), has been trapped in flagrante - scavenging from tax funds himself.

Moore applied for taxpayer subsidies of up to $1,000,000 from the Michigan Film Office, whose very existence he had criticized only a few years ago. That criticism not only qualified him to be advanced to the Michigan Film Advisory Board in 2009, but also to push his snout deep in the trough of government subsidies – paid for, of course, by taxpayers.

Revealingly, Moore was recorded on video at the 2008 Traverse City Film Festival heckling competitors who were asking for a share of the Michigan Film Office’s funds:

“Why do they need our money, from Michigan, from our taxpayers, when we’re already broke here? I mean, they play one state against another, and so they get all this free cash when they’re making billions already in profits. What’s the thinking behind that?”

The Republican state senator Nancy Cassis is now asking Moore to withdraw his application from the Michigan Film Office, which would have reimbursed up to 42 percent of the costs associated with filming in the state. The film has generated over $15,000,000 in gross sales worldwide on an estimated production cost of around $2,000,000. A decision of the Film Office on Moore’s application is still pending, but shouts of ‘hypocrite’ are getting louder.