Snippets from a wacky world

“A spokesman for the Federation of Small Businesses, while hopeful that credit easing would cut the cost of lending, said that peer-to-peer forms of lending – where individuals lend directly to businesses – needed to be explored.” What’s to explore? Put a sign up in your shop window saying “Loan wanted – please form orderly queue.”

“The Institute for Fiscal Studies, the ultimate arbiter of what is and what isn't doable in the budget….”  Well, that’s settled then. Close down the OBR and retrain every economist in the land for a new trade.

“The Lords had opposed the so-called "spare bedroom" tax a fortnight ago, and on Tuesday reasserted that view by saying housing benefit cuts of £14 a week should not be imposed on claimants in under-occupied homes if they are unemployed, carers, foster carers, disabled or war widows.”  Former Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau once famously said “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” Our ruling elite clearly disagrees. Prepare for midnight knocks on the door from the bedroom police.

“So why are Gove and his friends so keen on (for-profit schools)? Dogma is part of it. But privatisation has created interests which have driven policy in the teeth of the evidence for years.”  Unlike the teachers’ unions for the past several decades.