What does the BBC need?

Over at his personal website, Madsen discusses why people like the BBC, and says that it has radically departed from the impartiality that once made many people value it:

In fact traditional support for the BBC is more likely to have arisen from its role as an unbiased reporter of events, rather than as a campaigning organization doing investigative work.  People valued the BBC’s level take on national and world events, and trusted it to be accurate.

That reputation was undermined not by the incompetence of its investigative teams, but by the way it allowed what some call the left-wing mindset of its culture to bias its reporting.  Its enthusiastic endorsement of all things pro-EU, its hostility to business and enterprise, its refusal to use the word ‘terrorist’ to describe those who murder civilians in causes it approves of, and its selection of news to highlight on the basis of a pro-state intervention agenda, have systematically alienated those who used to trust it and support it as the embodiment of all things British.

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