A response to the Queen’s Speech


With so much being leaked ahead of the Queen’s Speech, we have decided to offer a platform for a number of pre-responses:

  1. Richard Jeffrey: Financial Services Bill – to give the Financial Services Authority new powers over bankers’ pay and bonuses in crisis situations.
  2. Matthew Sinclair: Fiscal Responsibility Bill – to enshrine Labour’s plans to reduce the deficit in law.
  3. Dr Eamonn Butler : Draft Lords Reform Bill – to allow elections to the House of Lords for the first time.
  4. Dr Helen Evans: NHS Bill – to create maximum waiting times for some surgery and consultations.
  5. Philip Salter: Schools Bill – to create five-yearly checks on teachers’ competence and give parents a right to request one-to-one tuition for failing children.
  6. Kristian Niemietz: Social Care Bill – to offer free personal care at home for those with severe need.
  7. Philip Booth: Policing, Crime and Private Security Bill: to set new rules on the use and retention of DNA samples by police.