All good things…


After a wonderful month in Westminster, I bid a fond farewell to my friends at the Adam Smith Institute.

It was an exciting time in UK politics and, consequently, an exciting time to be at a leading UK think tank. Courtesy of the ASI, I had a front row seat for the unfolding of the MP expenses scandal, the historic European Parliament elections and the near collapse of Prime Minister Brown’s government. There was a two-week period when not a day went by without a major media outlet – be it CNBC, the BBC or a national newspaper – calling for an interview with someone on the ASI staff. I had an amazing experience from start to finish.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with the outstanding people at the ASI. The people at ASI are of the finest quality as are the ideas and work product they generate. They certainly convinced me to reevaluate my policy positions in a number of areas.

Although I leave 23 Great Smith Street behind, I will certainly remain connected to ASI through the Facebook groups, Twitter and, of course, the Blog.

Change is coming to the House of Commons. I can hardly wait to see what role ASI will play in the development of a new (and better) Britain.