ASI launches The Entrepreneurs Network

Today, sees the launch of The Entrepreneurs Network – a new think tank supported by the Adam Smith Institute. The Entrepreneurs Network is a think tank designed to bring entrepreneurs to the forefront of political discourse and help make Britain the best place to start a business.

The Entrepreneurs Network will produce research outlining the benefits of easing unnecessary burdens upon enterprise; host high-profile events to bridge the gap between the aspirations of the entrepreneurial community and policy makers; and represent and champion entrepreneurs, making the case for a more entrepreneurial society.

The best way to stay in tough with what The Entrepreneurs Network is doing is to sig up to the fortnightly Entrepreneurs Bulletin. This will give you:

  • A digest of the latest government proposals and how they could impact your business;
  • An update of what is going on in entrepreneurial communities across the country;
  • The chance to share your views on entrepreneurship;
  • Invitations to Network events;
  • Opportunities to represent your business and the Network in the media.

Please visit the website to find out more, sign up for the bulletin and contact us with your thoughts on this new think tank.

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