Asim Khalid joins the ASI


I have just finished my penultimate year at Oundle School, based near Peterborough, and look forward to going back in the Upper Sixth Form next September. Having achieved a good set of results at GCSE, I have challenged myself in undertaking 6 A-Levels (or equivalent qualifications) in Double Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Economics & Pre-U Economics. Although I have only taken four AS modules this year, as the system has changed, I hope to apply to Oxford University to read Economics & Management.

With the financial crisis inevitably taking its toll, the financial industry has proved to be quite a volatile sector for employment, however I hope to eventually work in this industry specifically pursueing banking or marketing. Gaining this work experience at ASI is a brilliant opportunity for me to not only get an insight into the working life in London, travelling to and from the city independently, but is also a chance to work in one of the UK's leading innovators in free-market economic and social policies; which, to me, is one chance not to be missed.