Blog Review 419


Yes, this might indeed work. Put Netsmith down as a "Real Fascist B**tard" for the moment. At least until we can properly reclaim the word liberal.

Speaking of liberals, just what was it from the longest suicide note in history that Polly disagreed with

And could John Redwood be right in explaining why so many are now leaving our illiberal nation? 

A reminder of just what liberal capitalism has in fact done. In order to make child mortality statistics understandable in recent years we've had to change the denominator. From per 1,000 to per 100,000, otherwise the numbers would just be too small to note properly.

More illiberality: there are those who think that China and India cannot be allowed to grow: for the effect upon the climate, of course. 

Is this, possibly, the stupidest question ever asked? 

And finally, doing it for Walter.