Blog Review 420


Fraser Nelson asks an interesting question : why do so many Britons seem to regard a degree as a ticket out of the country?

That your money can be taken from you after you've been found not guilty of a criminal offence can only affect a small number of such people, surely? 

That tens of millions are spent on minor changes to a vacillating bureaucracy couldn't be the cause now, could it? 

The idea that our laws are increasingly made by international bureaucracies couldn't be a reason to emigrate (for, of course, that would mean all the laws one is subject to would be so made). 

Surely no one is so enamoured any more of civil liberties that they would make such a fuss as to leave the country to secure them, would they? 

Or that people might object to the censorship of light hearted, if robustly phrased, vilifications of vegetarians ? (The writer's use of University computers was ended as a result of that essay.) 

No Fraser, sorry, Netsmith simply cannot understand why anyone would want to leave.