Blog Review 423


Could we please all try and remember this ? That it is the imports we want, the exports being only what we must give up to get them?

A warning to all of those attempting LETS and Acorn schemes with alternative currencies. If you're actually successful, the Govt. will most likely close you down

Promoting growth or promoting "pro-poor" growth? Go for the growth : the poverty part is best dealt with by the growth itself and the possible addition of social policy. 

The news out of Northern Rock appears to get worse: we taxpayers are in fact subordinated debt, nearly the last to get paid

More government joyousness. The glory that is the Common Fisheries Policy means that we throw back dead twice the amount of cod that is actually landed and eaten. All in the name of protecting the cod stocks of course. (NB, sweary alert, as it is the Devil's Kitchen.)

An interesting view of history, that 200 years ago everyone had their own landed estate

And finally , an excellent Christmas Card.