Blog Review 426


It would appear that trying to do an AS level these days marks you out as a terrorist . Perhaps the elitism of trying to get ahead is what bothers so?

And if an AS level is such a sign, then when do they start burning all of the bookshops that stock the revision textbooks? 

An interesting little story of how a blogger was asked to help a newspaper set up a story...and ended up in Private Eye

This shouldn't be a surprise perhaps: more government produces more corruption . As PJ O'Rourke pointed out, when the legislators get to decide what is bought and sold the first thing to be bought and sold will be the legislators.

There's nothing quite so publically a good as a public toilet: but they don't apparently have to be provided publically

Yes, why not? Let's really make it the England team

And finally ,  a metaphor for government perhaps. Extremely complex, frequently ramshackle and doesn't actually achieve very much.