Blog Review 429


Connoisseur though Netsmith is of odd and recondite bureaucracies, he has to admit that this one really rather surprised him. The Federal Duck Stamp Office ?

Every day into which a little Bastiat falls is obviously a good one. Here he's explaining why Amtrack isn't all that good. 

Another economic oddity: the upward sloping demand curve

Now this is indeed an extremely difficult question . Who wrote the worse column, the Yazzmonster or Johann Hari?  

To borrow from Marginal Revolution, markets in everything , even P60s and payslips for your mortgage application. Anyone know Peter Mandelson's email address?

Something of an oddity in the law about pornography. If it's truly extreme then it appears that it's not pornography.  

And finally , the ultimate in Glaswegian cuisine (no, it's not Gordon Ramsey): the battered, deep fried, kebab pizza.