Blog Review 430


First, a call to arms. Greenpeace has decided to name a whale. As both Megan and Radley insist, and Netsmith concurs, the thought of some tofu-knitter having to call it Mr. Splashy Pants is simply too wonderful. So please vote (Mr. S-P currently has 72% but let's make certain, shall we?).

On the subject of fun and games Polly Toynbee's latest column drew more than the usual amount of jeering and stone throwing ahem, polite refutation. If UK newspapers employed fact checkers in the same way that American ones do, how much of a Toynbee column would survive do you think?

We don't normally endorse business ideas here but this one , whether run for profit or simply to get up the noses of all the right people looks most excellent. A YouTube which only posted those videos which embarrass dictators. If anyone actually knows how to do this, please leave a comment and Netsmith will come back to you.

Did you know that progressive income taxes are actually bad for the average living standard in the long run? Well, of course you did, but this is a lefty saying it , so perhaps people will take notice now? 

There's something very odd about the Labour Party's reaction to the David Abrahams revelations, as Stephen Pollard points out . It's inconceivable that people didn't know who he was.

Once again, people forgetting that the way to end poverty is by buying things made by poor people in poor countries. 

And finally , the value of public debate is made evident once again.